HighSpeed PC Top Deck Tech Station

HighSpeed PC Top Deck Tech Station

The HSPC Tech Station (patent pending) is a fast-access computer case – a hardware workbench bringing PC components within easy reach yet keeping them safe and secure.

The Tech Station makes a perfect workstation for computer hobbyists, overclockers, frequent upgraders, IT Professionals, PC Shops. – For anyone needing frequent and fast access to internal PC components.

With tool-less storage for all PC components* it has solid non-conductive construction and lots of great features…

I’m trying to cut down the amount of time I spend working on building/diagnosing/repairing PCs so this might not be of much use to me, but for anyone regularly testing hardware, building PCs, etc., it looks like this could just be the mutts nuts! You checking this out Mr. O’Flaherty?