I Hate WordPress Global Tags

WordPress Global Tags seem like a nice feature.  They allow you to see what other bloggers on WordPress.com are blogging about by clicking on the different categories, which is all very well and good if you are interested in looking at this stuff on other blogs.  What if you’re not?  What if you want to click on a category link and get all the related posts in that category only on the current blog you are reading?  Can it be done?  Not that I can see.  And that’s the thing which is really pissing me off right now!  If I could get my hands on the person who thought it was a great idea to enable this for everyone by default, and not make it optional or something which could be enabled or disabled by the blog owner, I would really love to beat the crap out of them, particularly after the hours and hours I have spent in the last two weeks moving all my links to this blog.  I really liked WordPress until this!  I’m seriously going to have to consider moving my blog elsewhere.