Install Windows Updates Without An Internet Connection

After installing a fresh copy of Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 one of the most important things to do is to install all available security updates from Microsoft before connecting to the internet.  But in order to do this you need to connect to the internet, right?  Catch 22!  Well, there are solutions to this sticky situation:

heise Security Offline Update 3.0 Script Collection (Via)

According to heise Security – Hands-on – Do-it-yourself Service Pack

We here offer an alternative to this update dilemma, starting immediately: version 3 of our script collection Offline Update requires only a few steps to reel in a current service pack at any time, combining all released Windows updates at the time of download. The download script acquires the complete update library for selected operating systems from Microsoft’s servers and uses them to created ISO images for CDs or DVDs as desired. These in turn can be used to update as many PCs as you wish.


AutoPatcher could be described as an offline Windows Update. AutoPatcher provides an interface to a large collection of updates, common applications and registry tweaks, that can be easily and quickly applied to your computer system.

I’ve used AutoPatcher in the past to test it out and due to the extra applications, registry tweaks, etc., I would not recommend it unless you are comfortable playing around with the guts of the OS.  Af you do use it, be careful what you select to be installed.

I only discovered heise Security Offline Update today and am currently in the process of downloading the updates and creating ISO images.  So far, I’m very impressed with how it’s running downloading the updates.  It only downloads updates directly from Microsof, and does not include any extra applications, registry tweaks, etc.

Even without properly testing it yet, my money’s on heise Security Offline Update 3.0 Script Collection.