Banana Split With No Fruit

Spent the long Easter weekend in Co. Galway with Wifey’s brother and his family.  Had the nicest steak I’ve ever tasted, at the Meadow Court Hotel near Loughrea, where Wifey’s brother is a chef.  It was a T-bone which had just been delivered minutes before we arrived.  It was supposed to have been cooked medium but was more medium rare to rare.  Never thought I’d have eaten a steak (under)cooked like this but it was divine, so tender, and required almost no chewing, it (seemed like it) just melted away in my mouth.  Once upon a time I would only eat well done steak, but at the rate I’m dropping to medium and beyond, I wonder how it’ll be before I’m trying to bite a chunk of flesh out of a cow while it’s still running around a field!

The actual meal itself was not the most enjoyable as Darragh was very restless and Wifey and I took it in turns to take him for a walk every few minutes, while the other managed to eat some food before it went cold.
But the highlight of the weekend happened while we were ordering desert…Alex asked for a banana split with no fruit.  Poor kid looked really confused when I asked if he just wanted a bowl of icecream instead.  I then mentioned that a banana split with no fruit would not have any banana in it.  In his defence, the menu mentioned that there was dried fruit sprinkled on top of the banana split, and this was the fruit he was referring to, but I think he’ll be a bit more careful in future when asking for something!