Best Free Computer Recovery Tools

What free system recovery tools do you find most useful or use on a regular basis.  See if any of the following are on your list:

Lifehacker’s Top 10 Free System Recovery Tools

10. SuperDuper! (Mac boot drive maker)

9. Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder (Windows)

8. USB PC Repair Kit (Windows)

7. Undelete Plus (Windows file recovery)

6. System Information for Windows (diagnostics)

5. DasBoot (Mac boot CD maker)

4. Ophcrack Live CD (Windows password cracker)

3. Ultimate Boot CD (bootable diagnostic CD, x386)

2. Knoppix (bootable CD, x386)

1. GParted LiveCD (partition manager, x386)

I regularly use System Information for Windows (SIW), Ultimate Boot CD and Knoppix.  These cover almost everything I need on a daily tech support basis.  Must try out some of the others, especially GParted LiveCD.