Brando 55 in 1 Bluetooth Card Reader + Hub

Brando 55 in 1 Bluetooth Card Reader + Hub (Via)

Not only is this a 55 in 1 external card reader with support for SDHC 2.0 but it’s also a USB 2.0 Hub and a Bluetooth dongle.  All for US$29.00 + US$3.00 for worldwide delivery.  I’ve been thinking of getting an external card reader and a Bluetooth dongle so I’m definitely going to have to get one of these.  It’s a bargain at that price!

It is not only a common card reader, but also a Bluetooth dongle and USB 2.0 hub at the same time. You can interact with Bluetooth devices by its Bluetooth function and its 7 memory card slots which can read and write different memory cards. You can connect any other USB devices with the 2-port hub. You may wonder there are obviously built-in 3 ports in the hub, how come call it 2-port hub? Actually, there are 2 ports for connecting devices with the computer for data transfer, the remaining port provides power for devices. It is good for connecting USB lamps, USB fans, USB Ionizers, etc