Use Gmail to filter spam from ISP email

I was advised to do this in the past by Donncha but never got around to doing it. Must do it soon to see if I can make do without POPFile on my PC.

How to eliminate all spam mail for free | Life in Student Ministry (Via)

Here‘s a pre-defined Google search to find more info on this.

Some other links which may be useful:

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Works a charm! I have Gmail getting my email from my ISP, Eircon (misspelling intentional!), filtering the spam, and then Thunderbird is collecting what is left after all the multitudes of spam has been removed. I am not sending my outgoing email through Gmail SMTP server though as the “From” field on emails sent through Gmail contains “???????? on behalf of ????????”, so still sending outgoing email through the Smart Telecom SMTP server. Not one spam message has got through yet!