Glad I’m not the only one who won’t touch Vista

I’ve been using Vista Ultimate Edition on my work laptop for the past few months even though I disliked it even back then. The only reason it is still on the laptop is that I don’t have the time to wipe and reinstall the laptop with XP Pro.  Hopefully that day will come soon.

I really tried to get to like Vista.  I thought that if I became more familiar with it I might get a change of heart and grow to accept it.  I now know that will never happen.  In fact I’ve come to the completely hate Vista with a passion.  I can’t pick certain features that I individually hate about Vista, it’s the OS as a whole that I detest.  Windows ME 2?

According to a leaked internal memo, Intel are never going to use Vista.  See the article on the Inquirer here (Via).

Nice to know I’m in good company!