Metallica Death Magnetic


It’s been 20 years since Metallica last released an album this good, “…And Justice For All” for those of you who have to think back!  Things were never the same…until now!

“Metallica” (aka The Black Album) was good (not great) but feels like it was designed to bring about commercial success.  “Load” and “ReLoad” were OK with some good songs, some forgettable, and “St. Anger” was complete and utter shite!  There is only one song on that album that I would listen to again, “Sweet Amber”.  “St. Anger” might have served as a necessary group therapy/crisis meeting but should never have been released.  Ever!  Never ever!

Now that Bob (Pop Music) Rock has finally and thankfully been ditched, in favour of the producer they maybe should always have used, Rick Rubin, it’s back to what they do best.  Metallica finally sounds like Metallica again.

“Death Magnetic” is the spiritual successor to “…And Justice For All” and long may they continue if all future releases are as good as this.

I spent the whole day painting yesterday and had the album on repeat and there was not one song that I tired of listening to…all day long…not one!  Even the instrumental!  Yes the instrumentals are back too.  Like I said, they are back to doing what they do best!