This page is completely out of date and needs to be updated!

* Essential Software  *

AntiVirus (Use only one!)

Paid:   Eset NOD32 Antivirus

Free:   Microsoft Security Essentials

Anti-Spyware – Essential (Install all of these!)

Spybot-Search & DestroyUpdates


Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Microsoft Windows Defender


Drive/Driver/Registry/System Cleaners

Internet & Email

Multimedia & Codecs

Video Drivers (Obviously choose one depending on your video card!)

Picture Viewers

Secure Password Database

File compression

File Viewers

PDF Converter

CD/DVD Writing

Software Uninstaller

Disk Defragmenter

********** Other non-essential Software **********

Software Inspectors

Antivirus Removal Tools

Other Antivirus Updates


Drive/Driver/Registry/System Cleaners

Firefox Add-ons

There is an easier way to install Spoofstick. You will need Winzip to do this. Right click on the Spoofstick.xpi file and choose “Open with Winzip”. When the Winzip window opens you will see three files (install.js, install.rdf and spoofstick.jar)listed. You will want to right click on the install.rdf and choose “Open with” and have it open in Notepad. Once it is opened in Notepad, find the line that has “maxversion>1.0” and change it to something greater than 2.0 (I changed mine to 2.5). save the file (File > save) and exit out of notepad, Winzip will popup with a message saying that the install.rdf has changed since it was extracted and do you want to update the archive with this file; hit yes, exit out of Winzip and install the extension.This works with other extensions that have been abandoned to get them to work with FF 2.0.

Internet Tools & Utilities

Email Client & Spam Filter

Multimedia & Codecs

MP3 Creation (See Radified Guide & Best MP3 Guide for more info!)

Document Viewers & Office Productivity

Hardware/Software/System Information

File Copy/Replication/Synchronisation

Folder Size

Screen Saver

Startup Control

Data Verification & File Recovery

NTP Time Sync Client